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Researching Canadian Copyright Law: Primary Resources

The amount of blogs on Canadian copyright law have increased both in quantity and quality over the past few years and most of us have our favourites. However, before examining interpretations and opinions on Canadian copyright law, I recommend that you first read the Copyright Act itself and some of the many important court cases intrepreting Canadian copyright law.

Resources for researching Canadian Copyright Law

Below are primary resources on Canadian copyright law that were helpful in writing Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition as well as posts on this blog related to these resources. Use this list as a starting point and add further resources that engage you.

Canadian Copyright Act

The Canadian Copyright Act and Copyright Regulations are primary sources for Canadian copyright law.

Canadian Government Sites Relating to Canadian Copyright Law

Heritage Canada has information on the history of Canadian copyright law, publications, a glossary and more. It also has a microsite on the Copyright Modernization Act (the most recent amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act.)

At Copyright Board of Canada you can obtain a licence to use works of unlocatable copyright owners, a list of Canadian copyright collectives and more.

The government office responsible for copyright registrations is Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). CIPO also provides general information on Canadian copyright law. Also see blog post: How to Obtain Permission to Use Canadian Government Content.

Supreme Court of Canada Copyright Cases

Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) cases: The following list shares some important Supreme Court of Canada cases interpreting Canadian copyright law.

World Intellectual Property Organization

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) administers several copyright treaties to which Canada belongs.

Canadian Copyright Law Questions

Copyright Qs & As on Canadian Copyright Law. This is a forum where you can see various questions and answers and post your own questions.