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    Wouldn’t life be simpler if we could go to one copyright collective or organization and clear a multitude of rights? For example, it sounds attractive to have one-stop shopping for music whether we are publicly performing a song or reproducing sheet music or syncing music to dance in a music video.

    SOCAN, CMRRA and SODRAC = 1?

    Copyright collectives, SOCAN, CMRRA and SODRAC decide not to merge

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    In 2012, three rights societies – SOCAN, CMRRA and SODRAC – announced that they were exploring opportunities to create a more integrated approach to the management of performing and reproduction rights of music creators and publishers in Canada. (This was noted on page 337 of the book Canadian Copyright Law as footnote 4.) It was recently announced that the three organizations could not find a workable solution and that their discussions are concluding.

    In a December 2013 SOCAN news release, SOCAN President Stan Meissner stated: “We at SOCAN have always believed that a simplified system of licensing for music rights in Canada makes sense and we had high hopes for the efficiencies of an alliance model.”

    List of Canadian Copyright Collectives

    There are many copyright collectives in Canada that represent copyright owners and provide copyright permission for the use of works. There are collectives for specific works such as literary, dramatic and artistic works. And there are collectives for specific rights in certain works. For example, the public performance right in music is administered by SOCAN. The reproduction right in music is administered by CMRRA and SODRAC. Click here for a list of Canadian copyright collectives and organizations. Chapter 14, Canadian Copyright Law, Legally Using Content, describes many Canadian collectives, who they represent and how to contact them to obtain copyright permissions.


    Spread copyright awareness, share!

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