New Look for Copyright Section of Canadian Intellectual Property Office Site

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    The Role of The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

    The Canadian Copyright Office which is part of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is discussed in various parts of the book Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition (CCL). For example:

    • page 20 of CCL discusses responsibility for copyright in Canada and the role of CIPO
    • page 44 discusses how to register copyright with the Canadian Government through CIPO
    • page 255 examines locating a copyright owner through online and in-person searches in the Canadian Copyrights Database and in-person at CIPO

    Canadian Intellectual Property Office CIPO

    The Copyright Section

    The Canadian Intellectual Property (IP) Office has a comprehensive website for each area of IP in Canada. The site was recently updated and is more visually appealing and much easier to navigate than before.

    When you enter the copyright section of the site, there is a slider which provides you with various choices: a guide to Canadian copyright law; a link to search copyright records; and an explanation of Canadian copyright law. You can also easily choose things such as register a copyright, view registration fees, order documents, and transfer copyright ownership. Even more information is set out by several icons: learn; apply; online services; and resources. Many of the links return you to the older website design though it’s possible that these older pages will soon be updated.

    Have URL’s Within the CIPO Changed?

    Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition, includes several URLs within the CIPO website. I asked @CIPO through Twitter whether the URLs in its new website had changed and the reply was: @copyrightlaws Most of our links haven’t changed. If you encounter issues, let us know here: And if you do encounter any changed URLs, please let me know too so I can post them here and share the updates with other readers of Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition. Email Lesley.

    A Useful Site for Canadian Copyright Law

    This website is very useful as  a primary resource for researching Canadian copyright law issues.  The Canadian Copyright Act and Copyright Regulations as well as additional copyright information is only a click away once you enter the site. There is also a “What’s new” section which at the time of writing this post says, “There is no recent news at this time.” Though in the same area as the what’s new section is a reminder that says E-filing: save time and money, Register in 5 days! Impressive turn around for copyright registration. View the new CIPO website.

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