Copyright Cases in 2014 – Canada

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    Canadian Copyright Law Court Cases in 2014

    Those following Canadian copyright law in the courts will likely always remember 2012 as an important year in copyright cases when five different cases were decided by the Supreme Court of Canada. Of course, every year is different when it comes to copyright law in the courts. Below are three summaries of court cases on Canadian copyright law in 2014.

    2014: The year in review for Canadian copyright law, by Gowlings’ lawyers Kevin Sartorio and Toba Cooper

    LSUC: The year in review in copyright (2014) by McCarthy Tétrault lawyer Barry Sookman

    IP Year in Review – 2014 – The Perpetual Motion of IP Law by IP Osgoode’s Giuseppina D’Agostino

    And for an international perspective on copyright cases in 2014, see:

    2014 – The Copyright Year by The 1709 Blog


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