Canadian Copyright Law Quiz

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    Think you know Canadian copyright law? Test your knowledge on Canadian copyright law with these 10 concepts about Canadian copyright law.

    Canadian copyright law

    True or False?

    1. Copyright law is the same throughout the world. T F

    2. Canada is a member of the leading copyright convention, the Berne Convention. T F

    3. Canada and all countries have the same copyright duration: life + 50 or fifty years after the author’s death. T F

    4. If you have permission to reproduce an image in a print book, you may also post that image on your website. T F

    5. Once you have copyright protection in Canada you automatically have protection in at least 174 countries (in addition to Canada) that belong to the Berne Copyright Convention. T F

    6. Copyright registration is mandatory in Canada. T F

    7. Fair use and fair dealing are exactly the same thing and both exist in the Canadian Copyright Act. T F

    8. Even if an author has assigned the copyright to you, the author still has the right to prevent modifications that may be harmful to her reputation or honour. T F

    9. If you cannot locate a copyright owner in Canada, then you may use that person’s content if you put in reasonable efforts to locate the owner even without obtaining an unlocatable copyright owner license from the Copyright Board of Canada. T F

    10. There is an exception in the Canadian Copyright Act for individuals for the use of noncommercial user-generated content, which is sometimes called the YouTube or mashup provision. T F

    ANSWERS: 1F; 2T; 3F; 4F; 5T; 6F; 7F; 8T; 9F; 10T.

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